The Art Brothers stand as a dynamic duo of production designers since 2006, based in Buenos Aires/

Fernanda and Juan infuse their work with a distinctive blend of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Their portfolio is a testament to their mastery of diverse techniques, from the intricate mechanics of stop motion to the seamless integration of live action.

With an eye for detail honed through years of collaborative work within the realms of cinema, they bring a cinematic flair to every project they undertake.

Beyond their technical expertise, TheArt Brothers are renowned for their collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence. Their collaborative endeavors have garnered acclaim both locally and internationally.

TheArt Brothers remain steadfast in their mission to elevate artistry and redefine the possibilities of production design in the digital age.

Fernanda Castelo

+54 9 11 5517-1184 fercasteloarte@gmail.com
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Juan Castelo

+54 9 11 6295-0550  castelojuan@gmail.com   Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Art Brothers. Production Designers Studio

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